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ct_news_notice_notice [07.20] New Source Update #5 (In progress) - Posted by Enigma

Hello there,

Well, this new revision of the source is going to be incremental and it's still work in-progress. The changes are as follows:

General Bug Fixes:

  • Improved stability of scripted NPCs further more especially in party quests.
  • Removed a false autoban condition for magicians attacking using a normal attack with a wand or staff.
  • Fixed an issue where clients coudn't create Guild Alliances.


  • GMS-Like drop rate for ETC items dropped regularly by monsters.

New Features:

  • Added drop data for all monsters located in Showa & Singapore.
  • Enhanced player command "@whodrops" it should now list the drops elegantly displaying the chance as well of an item being dropped from a certain monster.


  • In addition to quest items not being dropped once you have picked the required amount needed, you will also not be able to pick more in case there's still drops on the ground.
  • If you are in a party in order to help a friend finish a quest that require quest item drops, all of party members must have the quest at least started otherwise only the member with the quest active will be able to see drops.
  • Other people will not see the animation of your quest items being dropped nor can they pick them.
  • Fixed quest "Help Me Find My Glasses" of NPC "Abel" and now you should be able to find the glasses under tower just fine.
  • Fixed drops for quest "Stranger's Request" that require an item "Broken Mirror Glass" which used to be droppable regardless if quest is active or not.
  • The experience reward for "Help Me Find My Glasses" quest should now be multiplied by 4.
  • The box in the ship of Ellinia Station will now drop a "Maple History Book I" if you have its quest active.
  • The box in Magic Library will now drop "Maple History Book II" if you have its quest active.
  • Fixed quest "A Supply from the Sand Crew" which used to be incompletable.
  • When you enter Utah Farm's jump quest you will always spawn right on portal.


  • Developed a completely new and unique pet hunger scheduling system.
  • Fixed all glitches related to pet disappearing without it running out of fullness.
  • The pet hunger amount of loss for fullness will now take place every "3" minutes instead of "1" which was very time consuming to feed.
  • Fixed a minor issue with announcement when unequiping a pet manually.

There will be more changes taking place this week. Happy mapling!

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