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ct_news_notice_notice [07.30] Fresh Wipe with New Setup - Posted by Enigma

Hello there,

We have performed our first Beta phase wipe for database, we've been fixing many bugs especially during the last two source updates. We would like to recieve feedback once again. This second phase of Beta requires you to download our new setup for the game at the Download page.

Please do not proceed to play the game with the old setup if you are an early player. Otherwise, you will definitely experience disconnects often and you might even get autobanned for no reason.

The new setup will include improvements as well such as:

  • Fixed a major bug "Invalid Pointer Error" which is very common among MapleStory private servers that disconnects you at First Job Advancer maps.
  • Changed "Items Available" button to "Items Sold" for Hired Merchants.
  • Added name "Korean Folk Town: Moon Ridge" for its relevant map and now it should also display properly in VIP Rocks.
  • Changed shield items to the proper category in CashShop.
  • Some other client stability improvements.

Finally, please never use any other client or setup to play this game.

~ MapleMyth Staff

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