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ct_news_notice_notice [06.28] Hackers & Fake Accounts - Posted by Enigma

We would like to inform you that we have cleaned our database from hackers data (most of them were auto-banned) especially those who use VPNs to create multiple accounts and disturb us.

Also, if you are a hacker please don't waste your time here, if we don't ban you by ourselves then our autoban system will ban you for sure anyway. As a result, you should notice that account and character counters have greatly been decreased. We're currently at Beta phase, I really don't see the point for you to come and bloat our logs with your garbage.

We'll continue to take actions against such activities immediately. Last but not least, if you're playing this game hiding under your VPN, we as moderators will never trust your identity. Thus, you will be treated with caution and probably never be trusted as person here. Thank you for cooperation.

~ MapleMyth Staff

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