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ct_news_notice_notice [07.02] New Source Update #4 - Posted by Enigma

Hey everybody,

Well, this new revision of the source is a very important update with great improvements and fixes. The changes are as follows:

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed lags and disconnects when interacting with certain scripted NPCs especially the ones involved in party quests and for now it's gonna make "Kerning PQ" much more stable.
  • You as a party are allowed to pick items or mesos dropped by other members and there's no issue with that anymore.
  • Picking up items or mesos dropped by other players is now perfectly fine and there won't be a delay anymore which means drop games are very viable.
  • Fixed deep portals not warping you properly when you don't stand on the initial teleport point (ex. Ludibrium EOS Tower) portals to the bottom.
  • Bosses will no longer drop multiple meso bags and the single dropped bag will contain a feasible amount of mesos according to the monster level.

Technical Features:

  • Backported the latest version of "Rhino 1.7.10" script engine to the source which contributes to the stability and efficiency of scripted NPCs, events and portals with faster response using less memory in comparison to "Nashorn".
  • Added two more conditions to our auto-ban system which should lead hackers back to home.
  • Developed fully functional "Inventory Sort" and "Inventory Merge" handlers identical to GMS.


  • Quest items will no longer drop when the required amount by a quest is actually reached.
  • Reactors will no longer drop quest items unless the attacker has the quest active (eg. Maple Island brown boxes).
  • Fixed killed mobs counter that used to be still going after the required amount of kills by a quest is actually achieved.
  • The 3rd job advancement quest is now identical to how GMS used to be and you must initially start from "El Nath: Chief's Residence" map.

Hired Merchants:

  • Added a new feature "Item Sold" where you can find information about who bought your items, what quantity and how much profit you've made so far.
  • Added a new feature "Message Saving" which saves the conversation into the shop to load when ever there's another visitor and for the owner in case of maintainance.
  • Once the owner goes into maintainance mode all chat messages saved should be wiped.
  • Fixed an issue where Hired Merchants don't close correctly upon 24 hours of the expiration period.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove and re-add an item back to your Hired Merchant when it's already opened.
  • Fixed disconnections happening when a player in slot one leaves the shop while there're other players in slot two or three present.
  • Fix disconnections happening to players in slots two and three when the owner of a shop goes into maintainance.
  • Fixed "Organize" button clearing only one item upon click and now it should work GMS-Like as intended.


  • Fixed an issue with a rare condition where a pet due to hunger will randomly go back to home regardless of fullness level.
  • Fixed an issue where a pet could pick up mesos without "Meso Magnet" in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with pets having no "Meso Magnet" or "Item Pouch" equipped which prevented their owners from picking up items and mesos while pets are standing on top of the loot.
  • Pets will no longer be able to loot items dropped by other players with "Meso Magnet" or  "Item Pouch" but only from monsters and that's more like GMS.
  • The pet "White tiger" is now available again in the Cash Shop.

Item Sorting:

  • You should now be able to merge item quantities manually by dragging an item on an another item of the same type.
  • You should now be able to exchange item positions by dragging your item on top of the other.
  • When using item sorting functions you can now organize equips in your inventory according to type and level side by side and that includes your use, setup, etc and cash inventory as well.
  • Basically, both of the small red buttons inside your inventory (tope right) that were supposed to be used to sort and organize all items with a click should be working exactly like GMS with all of thier original functions.

This revision is done, there will be no more changes taking place. Happy mapling!

~ MapleMyth Staff

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